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Massage & Treatments

Relax in our jungle hideaway with the help of a trained body therapist

Massage & Treatments at Kirinuga

Private rooms, locally-sourced Ayurvedic oils, and a peaceful surrounding Make Kirinuga the ideal setting for your spa day.

About Our Massage & Treatments

Kirinuga offers various therapy and massage options to help you relax. We also offer Ayurvedic treatments with a minimum two-week stay requirement. All offerings must be booked in advance so we have time to make everything perfect for you.  

The Menu & Prices

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The Space

If you're staying in one of our Bungalows, the Stone Room, or the Shell Room, you will find your own personal massage room. If you are an outside visitor, or are staying in our other rooms, we have two private rooms dedicated to massage therapy & spa treatments. Each one contains a top-quality massage bed and a serene atmosphere.

Ayurveda- Pancha Karma (min. 2 weeks stay):

The traditional Ayurveda Treatment is called Panchakarma. It includes a cleansing and detoxification cure in five main treatments. The aim is to strengthen the power of your being, detoxify your body, and rejuvenate your organs.

Any Questions?

If so, feel free to reach out directly to us via live chat.

Massage & Treatment Highlights

Check out our photo gallery for more shots of Kirinuga in Action

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