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Step into our free space dedicated to Sri Lanka's coworking scene

Coworking at Kirinuga

Open to Digital nomads, remote workers, and everyone in between.

The Why

It is an exciting time in Sri Lanka right now. New opportunities and communities are popping up around every corner.


We wanted to create a space that is conducive to these new connections and helps your creativity flourish. Find peace of mind, meet like-minded travelers, and eat some seriously good food at Kirinuga. All while getting your work done.


We are testing things out and experimenting with the idea of coworking. Meanwhile, all are welcome to visit our pilot coworking-friendly space.

The Space

To ensure maximum privacy, we've placed the coworking-friendly area at Kirinuga next to our yoga shala, and removed from our guest lounge area.


Travel up a hidden staircase, pass the yoga shala, and go up to the rooftop of our main building. There you will find universal outlets, a communal seating area, and a cooling ocean breeze to take you through your work day. 

The Price

As we pilot this program, our coworking-friendly space is free for visitors with the purchase of food or beverage from our restaurant.


We are just beginning to test The Kirinuga Coworking Experience and are not at a place to offer full-time memberships. Nonetheless, our property is beautiful, serene, and a wonderful place to get work done while visiting Tangalle.


For a more complete coworking space in the area, we highly recommend visiting our friends at The Verse Collective in Dikwella.


Any Questions or suggestions?

If so, feel free to reach out directly to us via live chat.

Kirinuga Coworking in action

Check out our photo gallery for more sweet shots

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