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 Cooking Classes

Dive into the world of Sri Lankan Cuisine With a Boutique Setting

Cooking Classes at Kirinuga

Start Your day at the market, end it with a feast.

About Our Cooking Classes

Available Wednesdays and Sundays, our cooking classes are designed to fully ingrain you into the Sri Lankan culinary culture. Guided by our in-house chef, Ayesha, you will learn how to make a traditional rice and curry. Best part? You get to eat it once you're done!

The Itinerary

Step 1

We begin with a private Tuk Tuk ride into Tangalle's local market. Our chef Ayesha will take you through the market, helping you choose fresh local ingredients to make your curries with.


Step 2

You will be taken back to our retreat with your bountiful harvest and led into our fully equipped kitchen. Our staff will crack open a coconut for you as refreshing beverage, and begin to show you how they use the rest of it.


Step 3

Cooking time! This is where the magic happens, and where you'll learn the secrets you came to discover.


Step 4

Time to feast. Take a seat in our cafe lounge and we'll serve you the delicious Sri Lankan meal you have just prepared.

The Price

​All Kirinuga cooking classes are open to our guests and the public. To book in advance, either choose cooking class as an add-on when booking a room, or contact us directly at

Any Questions?

If so, feel free to reach out directly to us via live chat.

Cooking Class Highlights

Check out our photo gallery for more shots of Kirinuga in Action

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